Club Rep UpdateJune 24, 2019

Thanks to those clubs who attended another successful Club Rep Meeting on Saturday. We were able to work through a bunch of issues and get and provide clarity on a number of sticky issues.

Acknowledgement was made of the good work the Cape Classic Tournaments is doing, as the focus is on providing our players more opportunity to play basketball and this is a great initiative that has the full support of the CTBA.
Clubs, and other organisations also doing great work are Heideveld Basketball Club, which held its Youth Weekend Programme as well as the Youth Day Classic Basketball Tournament, hosted by African Grassroot Hoops.
The league will be accommodating these along with The USSA prep tournament, as well as the USSA tournament. Taking all these into account, the league will be back in full swing again from 6 July. The USSA finals will be at UCT on Friday 5 July and I urge you all to support that event.
If you have any events you would like us to promote and support, please email the details to secretary@ctba.co.za

These leagues are more challenging as there are more restrictions around clubs and the limitations they are placing on the league in terms of availability. we are almost two months into the league and some clubs are still unavailable to play any games for various reasons. this not only limits their games, but the games of their opponents. This issue needs to be addressed at our next meeting. The way things are, it looks like we will barely get 10 games per junior team in most leagues before we get to playoffs – which is totally unacceptable from a development perspective.
With the court availability we have, our senior league format will definitely be 2 rounds, then 3 game semi and 3 game final. (in some cases, we may split round 2 into 2 pools, but will try to avoid this as much as possible, but either way, the target is a minimum of 15 pool games per team, then playoffs)

Clubs were in agreement with the utilisation of multiple venues and have indicated their willingness to travel, as the overall travel costs will be less than in previous years with regular commutes to UCT and CPUT. CompCo agreed to be mindful of the cost implications and will implement traveling and venues with this in mind.

With this in mind, we have kept the league fees the same as last year. The increased number of games offset the reduction in venue costs, which resulted in the league fees remaining constant.

Due to the fact that we are struggling with resolving this puzzle, we are postponing all games on 29 and 30 June. These have been moved to 3 and 4 August. We will be running a Technical Training Camp over the two days incorporating the training of new officials, the grading of experienced ungraded officials, as well as the physical conditioning testing of our experienced graded officials, and revision of new rule interpretation. We encourage you to send as many officials to this camp, as the idea is for these officials to form the base of the team who will support the league for this season. We will send a programme/schedule for this weekend as soon as possible.

A point to note on this is that the penalty for clubs who do not provide officials is just that – a penalty. It is not a requisite to entry into the league. We will be reviewing this penalty and ways of escalating it throughout the year and prepare for implementation for future seasons.

The point of Nyanga Rebels and their inclusion into the Ladies and Mens Super League Divisions was discussed, and it was decided by CompCo, based on this discussion and the input from clubs that the newly formed Nyanga Rebels will be included in these divisions.

In terms of game postponements: the fact that we are focussed on playing as many games as possible, rescheduling games becomes very challenging. We are providing fixtures well in advance, so requesting a fixture change needs to be emailed to ctba.compco@gmail.com at least 7 days in advance. Postponements are virtually impossible so we would need to rework the fixture which involves four teams plus officials which, as I’m sure you can appreciate is a lot of moving parts. Please note that these requests will not always be able to be accommodated. I am making every effort to get you the fixtures early, so I would appreciate every attempt to honour them rather than request an adjustment.
Please note that the admin portal is now fully operational and your club member admin can now be addressed. Please visit https://admin.ctba.co.za to process your members. We will be looking at implementing team lists when games resume on 6 July, so it is imperative to get your house in order soon. Please note that we will not process any requests on game day, so ensure your players are cleared to play beforehand.